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TrackMyCash.com came online on April 1st, 2004, an idea I had had to track and see what happens to money after you spend it. Heck, the stories our money could tell. Anyway, I found out that there were a few other sites which were already doing this, but still wanted to try it. So with that, some time, a lot of trial and error, and the assistance of a great web designer, we have TrackMyCash.com. What we hope to offer you is a fun site, maybe something with a different feel from the others. This site--its development, maintenance, and upkeep--all come out of my pocket. So you'll see some ads. This is our only revenue since the use of the site is free.

Information regarding the TrackMyCash.com:

  • Privacy - TrackMyCash.com will NEVER give out, sell, or distribute your email address, your name, or any other personal information to anyone. Your email address is just used to send notifications about any hits on the bills you have entered. We will also, from time to time, send you an email to notify you about updates to our website or any giveaways we may have.
  • Member Profiles - TrackMyCash.com is not responsible for the information you provide in your profile, in any forum, chat, or email, we ask that you keep it clean out of respect to other users of the site. We reserve the right to disable and delete your account if this is abused. If you find something offensive, please contact us here to notify us.
  • Spam - Just say No... We hate...HATE SPAM, as stated before, we will NEVER sell or use your email address other than to send site updates or the hit information the bills you have entered.


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